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  • Vitamin A deficiency

    Around the beginning of each October, Graham would start bumping into things. He would complain of blurry vision, particularly at night... bouncing unsteadily from one piece of furniture to the next. Read More »

  • The first time I met Caleb and Graham

    The first time I met Caleb and Graham, I started tutoring Caleb in the SAT in 2013. At the end of a session (in which it was tough to get a smile or laugh out of Caleb), Graham came down the stairs. Read More »

  • Invisible Beard

    Around the time that Graham was in 8th grade, Graham claimed to have grown an invisible beard. He consistently described his beard as "silky and substantial." For about a year, he would stroke his bea Read More »

  • Graham’s favorite color

    About two years ago, my three-year-old daughter, Piper, decided she absolutely hated the color green and would even separate the green toys from all of the others, exiling them. When Jen told Graham a Read More »

  • Violin Lessons

    Over the last 3+ decades I’ve taught hundreds of children to play the violin. I wish I could say that I remember every one of them, but that wouldn’t be true. But there are certain kids that I kno Read More »

  • 1/2 %

    "So, what did you get on the Geometry test?" Graham asked me one day in Academic Recovery. "95%," I replied, fairly satisfied with my score, and fairly sure I had beaten him, as the test was fairly di Read More »

  • Avatar

    Graham and I both enjoyed television more than the rest of the family. We were definite binge streamers when we got into a show, especially if we were watching it together. Graham would happily rewatc Read More »

  • Worst Fear

    I was having a talk with eleven-year-old Graham about fears. We talked about how everyone has things that make them anxious. I shared some of the kinds of things that made me feel scared. I said to G Read More »

  • Yew Nork City

    When given control over the music playing in the car, Graham loved to turn up the volume on the song "New York City" by They Might Be Giants and we would sing along at the top of our lungs. But the ru Read More »

  • When Graham and I Became Friends

    The story that I remember most vividly of Graham and I, happens to be one of the oldest memories that I have of Graham. I met Graham in first grade and we instantly became friends. I don't quite remem Read More »

  • Debate

    One time when I was at the Dixons' house, as I was wrapping up an SAT tutoring session with Caleb, when Graham entered the room. Graham and Caleb got into a fun "debate" over who was nerdier. I could Read More »

  • The Chess Match

    I went over to the Dixons' one Sunday night, as I often do, to eat steak and drink red wine. When I got there Rob started to get busy making steaks, but as he did he summoned Graham with a bellow. A f Read More »

  • Green Story

    To the Dixon family, I had the fortunate opportunity to attend elementary school, middle school (Waterbound!), and the exciting first year of high school with Graham. I remember, just like everyone Read More »

  • OMG! I am that irritating old lady!

    The last time I saw Graham was when he came with Jen and Caleb to Pacifica so Caleb could visit some colleges and Jay's lab. Graham was very nice and polite, but he clearly had no interest in answerin Read More »

  • A Story About Graham

    I met Graham in Waterbound, in 7th grade. Some of my friends were friends with him. I always hoped I could be friends with him, too. He was such a perfect mixture of kind, funny, and smart. This year, Read More »

  • Meep

    Graham was over for dinner quite a bit while Anila and Graham were 'a thing'. I asked Anila for that, because I wanted to know get to know who was with Anila. She complied and made Graham sit at our l Read More »

  • Captain Look-Around

    When Graham was about nine he started calling me "Captain Look-Around." The first time he did it the whole family was getting out of the car after a long drive and I was telling him to do something a Read More »

  • “Netflix Binge” Climb

    When my family joined the PRG rock climbing gym in East Falls last summer Graham was too young to boulder. He was only allowed to climb on the side walls with a harness on and someone belaying him. Ho Read More »

  • G- Monsters

    Years ago, perhaps during Graham’s brief little league career, the Dixons and Rogersons took to the local playfield for an epic wiffle ball challenge. As was somewhat customary at the time, Graham a Read More »

  • The Jolly Green Graham

    As early as the third grade, the year which is host to my first memories of Graham, something became clear to me and most of the class: it didn't matter what you were learning, or how much you studied Read More »

  • A Birthday with Graham

    There are so many stories to tell about such a wonderful person, who has made a lasting impact on my life. When I heard the news, I was devastated. When I attended the funeral, I was devastated. Readi Read More »

  • Sweetie Pie

    From a very early age Graham was always very selective with his displays of affection. Smooches, hugs, kisses or snuggles were always doled out sparingly..It was a great honor to be his "SweetiePie" o Read More »

  • My Chess Experience with Graham

    I played on the Harriton chess team with Graham. He came very frequently to meetings, which always made me happy (since not many people came every Tuesday and Thursday). The thing I love about Graham Read More »

  • I’m a Ghost!

    When he was little, Graham was a security-blanket kind of kiddo. His blue thermal blanket with silky trim was his constant reassuring companion. He had a curious habit of soothing himself by stuffin Read More »

  • Recollections of Graham

    First of all, know that I am looking through rose colored glasses; I am one of two men who were privileged to call Graham “Grandson.” All four of this young man's grandparents were exceedingly pro Read More »

  • An Expanding Universe

    I had long lived with the delightful but often unnerving realization that my son was smarter than me. He spent his free time reading about and pondering math, logic, philosophy and physics questions. Read More »

  • Butter knife? Or sword?

    From the time he was old enough to reach the drawer, Graham’s job was to unload the silverware from the dishwasher and put it away. At one point in time, I had given him a reprieve from this task Read More »

  • Some minutes are definitely longer than others

    When Graham was four, I used the word “meditation” in his presence. “Oh!” he said excitedly, “we do that in preschool!” I amusedly tried to picture wrangling a roomful of three- to s Read More »

  • Stars

    In Graham’s Montessori preschool, much of the day was self-led. That is to say, a kid could choose his own activities and divide his time however he liked. He might spend some time doing math activi Read More »

  • Penguins don’t fly, but they sure can climb.

    (This is an excerpt from a speech I made at my dad’s memorial. ) As a kid I had a stuffed dog named Duffy. Duffy was one of those tattered, constant-companion stuffed friends. If Duffy were absen Read More »

  • Endless thanks for your stories

    I can't tell you how often I come to this website to read each and every story over again. And the extra excitement I get when I come across a new addition. I laugh out loud and cry every time. I'm as Read More »

  • 1 Year, Miss You More Graham

    One year and two days has already passed since Graham had left. I passed by the room we had our Spanish 2 Honors class together and when I walked in, the tables had been arranged exactly as it had bee Read More »

  • Bayesian Probability and A Very Short Novel

    Waiting for the late bus home, I was totally confused. Graham and Caleb were talking about Bayesian probability and that was well beyond my ability to understand. Even as a high school senior, I didn Read More »

  • Duty to Humor

    Graham never spoke much at dinner at our house. I think we scared him. If we teased him about his silence, he would quietly say "meep". But he was always polite, smiled the whole time, and clearly was Read More »