Graham was over for dinner quite a bit while Anila and Graham were ‘a thing’. I asked Anila for that, because I wanted to know get to know who was with Anila. She complied and made Graham sit at our large table for dinner, but did not force him to speak up during the ‘favorite part of the day’ speeches that we sometimes forced out of the kids. I always asked for a story. ‘So tell us a story Graham’. He never would. He stayed mum, or said ‘meep’, which was some joke he had with Anila. They knew I would ask for a story. Graham was so very shy around me and Maureen, but he was clearly so very intelligent. So I would say things at dinner to get the conversation or debate going, and often I would get Anila to protest how wrong I was. That is her role I suppose. But I knew I had hit gold when I was so wrong that Graham would say something. My recollection is that Graham would shake his head a bit, and say ‘uh… no’ and chuckle through his teeth and braces as he often did.

Later in the evening, I would walk in to the movie room unannounced. I would not knock on the door. I would just barge in. Graham would have nodded his head to agree with Anila that I was annoying. Graham and Anila were always very close together watching Dr. Who, but sometimes there were limbs crossed too. They would both quickly get uncrossed and straightened up when I came in. ‘Whattya doing’ ‘Watching Dr. Who, Daddy. Go away’ And I obeyed.