In his fourteen years, Graham explored many interests, touched many lives, and left his unique stamp on the world. Graham made the world a better place. It’s impossible to think about Graham’s life without thinking about his unwavering devotion to the color green, or about his love for penguins. Graham also loved math, rock climbing, archery, Technology Students Association, and Doctor Who. He spent much of his time mastering many games including chess and Magic the Gathering.

He thought bowties were fantastic and haircuts unnecessary. From the day he was born, Graham had a quiet understanding of exactly who he was. He was kind, brilliant, quirky, and sometimes obstinate. But he was also a person of few words, and often shy. He said and did amazing things, and he thought amazing thoughts, but he did not always talk about the great things he was doing.

This website is a place where all of us who know and love Graham can share our stories and memories. There are long stories, short stories, happy stories, goofy stories, bizarre stories, and witty stories… We want these stories to live on and be shared, along with the photos of Graham with his friends and family. In this way, we can hold on to these memories and all feel closer to Graham and to each other. Please share your stories and pictures. Each of them means the world to us.

The Dixon Family