OMG! I am that irritating old lady!


The last time I saw Graham was when he came with Jen and Caleb to Pacifica so Caleb could visit some colleges and Jay’s lab. Graham was very nice and polite, but he clearly had no interest in answering all my busybody questions about what were his favorite subjects in school and so on. He’s a lot like Lilly that way. It wasn’t too bad when we were all together, or with Laura and Angelo, but when Jen took Caleb and Lil to Jay’s lab, poor Graham was left alone with me. He was perfectly content to hang out by himself on the computer, but, irritating old lady that I am, I kept talking, chatting, asking if he wanted something to eat or drink. When he said no thank you, I, of course offered him something DIFFERENT to eat and drink. And then something else different. Finally, I left him alone. Later I made a joke about being an irritating old lady, and that got me a genuine smile. It was pretty much the only real smile I got that was just for me since he was little. That smile is sitting in my belly right now, making me laugh and cry at the same time. Love him so much.