“Netflix Binge” Climb


When my family joined the PRG rock climbing gym in East Falls last summer Graham was too young to boulder. He was only allowed to climb on the side walls with a harness on and someone belaying him. However, his drive and love of the sport quickly got him on the youth team there, which gave him an exemption to the age rule.
One of the first days he was bouldering with the entire family he set out to top out a V2 climb. For those who remember, it was red and called “Netflix Binge” and was on the mushroom. I had tried this climb quite a few times and could not get the final move.
Graham did not have technique yet, and as he went through the climb he always looked on the verge of falling. I was giving him loud encouragement and he surprised both of us when he got to the top and was standing on the structure. As he did, a loud cheer and a bunch of clapping started behind me. He had attracted quite an audience and they were just as excited for him as I was.
Graham’s pride and excitement got the better of his natural shyness and he grinned from ear to ear, soaking it up. Graham loved the climbing community at the gym, and like everyone else who met Graham, they loved him. Even the ones who only saw him on the wall and had not even met him.