My Chess Experience with Graham


I played on the Harriton chess team with Graham. He came very frequently to meetings, which always made me happy (since not many people came every Tuesday and Thursday). The thing I love about Graham is his relentless passion for the game. I learned that he recently got a premium account! These extra functions on the site gave him so many resources to really improve his game and he definitely took advantage of the opportunities. He started to improve very fast. He was on literally everyday, which was awesome. As a personal fan of chess, I was very excited to see someone so enthusiastic for the game. He really loved it. I remember him joining our high school’s top five team, playing as board #5 for a match (against Strath Haven, I believe). He won the match (as did his older brother, Caleb, playing as board three). I would describe Graham as an aggressive chess player who played the very interesting Sicilian line as Black. He is a bright and great guy and I will miss him a lot.