G- Monsters


Years ago, perhaps during Graham’s brief little league career, the Dixons and Rogersons took to the local playfield for an epic wiffle ball challenge. As was somewhat customary at the time, Graham and Caleb acted as captains and took turns drafting players for their respective teams.
Graham’s team, known as the “G-Monsters” (this was the standard name for all Seattle-based Graham teams of this era), was drafted from his heart as he selected his aunties first. After all, we had helped him create the G-Monster trademark name, including the rally cheer. Little did he know that I was about to be the LVP or “Least Valuable Player”.
Meanwhile, Caleb recognized the Rogerson affinity for baseball, having played many rounds of wiffle ball in Papa Tom’s backyard. He quickly secured both Papa Tom and Uncle Ken for his team, as well as some of the more talented Dixon players.
It was quite an intense skirmish. The Dixons have always been known for their overly competitive spirit, and the baseball field was one place that could incite the same sort of fervor in Papa Tom (“Go Mariners! Yankees burn in hell!”) Even as the game turned into a blow-out, players continued giving it their all. My husband, Buddy, and Papa Tom, who both pulled muscles in the heat of battle, wrapped duct tape around their wounds and hobbled on. There might have been another duct tape victim, but the details get a bit fuzzy with time. I’ll leave it to my family to correct me on that one.
With the mismatched teams, it wasn’t close, but it was a day of joy and laughter I will never forget, and I was very touched by Graham’s devotion and positive attitude to the end as we continued to chant…
Goooooooooooooooooooo G-Monsters!!!