A Birthday with Graham


There are so many stories to tell about such a wonderful person, who has made a lasting impact on my life. When I heard the news, I was devastated. When I attended the funeral, I was devastated. Reading all of these wonderful stories has really helped me cope with my grief, and I’m sure it has for others as well. I had known Graham since I was in first grade, even before he founded his own religion of Green. Surprisingly, we haven’t learned about him in our textbooks just yet. Two grades into his commitment of wearing green, we were in the closing month before we moved up to sixth grade. Along with Graham and a bunch of our friends, we saw a movie and even ordered whole pizza and had a party at my house. Sometimes, I look back at the picture of us, Graham in the middle of my couch wearing green. It hurts to think about all that he could have done, but I’m so proud of Graham for what he accomplished during his lifetime, which was way too short. I still haven’t gotten over Graham’s death; I don’t think anyone ever will honestly. I’m so grateful for all the times I’ve had with Graham, from math class just last school year to hanging out with friends and by ourselves. Graham, you will forever hold a place in all of our hearts, including mine. Rest assured that Saint Patrick’s Day will not be the only day the Lower Merion community is wearing green. We love you Graham.