The first time I met Caleb and Graham


The first time I met Caleb and Graham, I started tutoring Caleb in the SAT in 2013. At the end of a session (in which it was tough to get a smile or laugh out of Caleb), Graham came down the stairs.
Caleb introduced him as “my brother, Graham. He has worn something green every single day for the last 5 years.”
I thought that was kind of unusual, so I made what I thought was a pretty smart guess regarding why a kid in the Philadelphia area would wear green so regularly. “Oh. Nice to meet you, Graham. Are you a big Eagles fan?”
Well that got Caleb to laugh very loudly! Caleb remarked, “I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know what sport the Eagles play. Graham, what sport do the Eagles play?”
Graham pondered it for a second or two and replied in a very unsure manner, “baseball?” Then, we all were laughing!